Recent Projects:


  • Capacity Development for ICT in Education Project in Rwanda, funded by KOICA (2019-)

  • M&E and Consultant for Capacity Building. Academy of Public Administration Capacity Building for Public Sector Innovation in Uzbekistan, funded by KOICA (2018-)

  • Capacity Building and Consultant for M&E. Strengthening e-Learning Capacity of El Salvador's Higher Education, funded by KOICA (2018-)

  • Educational Planning and M&E consultant, Educational Planning and Capacity Building. Feasibility Study for Establishment of the University of Environment and Sustainable Development in Ghana, funded by Export-Import Bank of Korea, (2017-2018) 

  • Project Management Consulting and e-Learning Program Development for Rwanda Management Institute, funded by KOICA (2017)

  • M&E. Inclusive Rural Development Project in Nawalparasi, Nepal, funded by KOICA, (2016)

  • M&E. Post-completion Evaluation on "Asuncion Traffic Control System" Project, funded by KOICA (2016)

  • M&E. Ex-post Evaluation on "The Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) Automation in Azerbaijan" Project, funded by KOICA (2016)

  • 2015 KSP for Kyrgyzstan: National ODA Monitoring and Evaluation Policy Consultation

  • ASEAN Cyber University Comprehensive Evaluation and Performance Improvement Project

  • Development of Risk Management Policy and Guidelines for the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)

  • Impact Evaluation of Sri Lanka Road Project

  • Policy Review and Program Evaluation of Korea-UNDP Triangular Cooperation Program

  • Program Evaluation for Policy Consultation Program of KSP (Knowledge Sharing Program)

  • Development of "National Competency Standards (NCS)" for International Business Management

  • Development and Renovation of National University of Rwanda

  • Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning for Mongolia International University