Aron Kim, Ph.D.

CEO/ Senior Research Fellow

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Ph. D. in Instructional Systems, Florida State University

M.S(c). in Measurement and Statistics and Instructional Systems

Fmr)   Director of Research and Planning, GDC Consulting

           Evaluation Supervisor, Office of Distance Learning,                 Florida State University (FSU)

           Researcher, Learning System Institute

           Instructional Designer, Office of Distance Learning

           Consultant, Citibank Latin America Training and                       Development Center

Y onnim Lee, Ph.D.

Director of Research

/ Head Researcher

Yonnim Lee.jpg

Ph.D. in International Management, Kyung Hee University

Fmr)  Professor, Korea Leadership Competence Development Institute
          Lecturer, Regional Public Officer Training Institute
          Senior Research Fellow, Research Center for Advanced Information and Technology

          ICT Specialist, POSCOICT Consulting

Sonnie Soyoung Jung,
US Attorney

Director of Advocacy/ Head Researcher

Sonnie Jung.jpg

Fmr)  US Attorney, LECS Consulting Group

          US Attorney, Kangho Attorneys at Law

          Director of External Affairs, Handong International                  Law School

          Marketing Communication Manager, The Body Shop              Korea

          Public Relations Consultant, Merit Communications

Jinwon Bang,
M&E Specialist

Senior Consultant

방진원 연구원님 사진.jpg

M.S (c). Social Policy and Development Dissertation,

London School of Economics and Political Sciences(LSE)

B.A. Social Work, Yonsei University, Seoul

Fmr)  Project Director, KOICA Nepal Inclusive Rural      

          Development Project

          Project Designing Specialist, KOICA Strengthening Vietnamese Capacity for Sustainable Reintegration of Returning

Women Migrants and their households in vulnerable conditions

          M&E Specialist, KOICA ICT supported participatory

          rural development project in Hinder area, Myanmar

          M&E Specialist, KOICA Strengthening agriculture extension

          in Myanmar

          Senior Programme Officer, Development Consulting Group 1, Korea Institute for Development Strategy(KDS)